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Green Cleaners Rejoice Over Natural Termite Treatment

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends calling and carefully choosing a licensed exterminator as soon as you have discovered termites.

Many people are unsure about calling a professional exterminator, worried about the potential use of chemicals. 

The truth is that not all chemicals are “bad”, however many people have concerns or pre-existing health challenges that must be considered in all aspects of their life. Even for those without allergies or sensitivities, consumers in general have become increasingly aware and informed about the long-term health effects of certain ingredients in personal care and house cleaning products. 

Cosmetic retailers like Sephora have prioritized these consumer concerns, with the clean beauty movement at the forefront of its product categories. Clean beauty products often contain plant-based, organic, or natural ingredients, without containing certain ingredients that may be irritating to some. Ingredients that are commonly excluded from clean beauty products include parabens, fragrances, formaldehyde, phthalates, sulfates, and animal fats. 

Consumers are concerned about the health and safety of ingredients for the sake of their own wellness as well as the future of our planet. Microbeads, non-biodegradable plastic beads that were once popular in face washes and toothpastes, have been banned from cosmetics due to their harm to the environmental

Green cleaning is a movement of consciously choosing non-toxic, biodegradable products that effectively clean their homes without polluting the environment. 

When it comes to removing termites, there are many instances where chemical treatment is warranted. In fact, termites cause billions of dollars of damage annually across the United States. The trouble with termites is that they specifically consume cellulose, which is found in wood, and they exist in colonies that can have millions of them. However, an experienced Garden Grove exterminator has removed termites from homes completely with natural solutions, proving that chemicals are not always necessary.

As climate change concerns intensify, many consumers and homeowners are choosing brands and companies that prioritize environmental sustainability. Green living is one of the hottest topics in wellness today, with influencers and celebrities leading the charge by expressing their passion for products that are organic and vegan. 

Virtually no topic is off limits on social media, especially among Millennials and the Gen Z. House tours and cleaning videos showcase the challenges and triumphs overcoming a dirty room with elbow grease and a few trusty products. Online recommendations can be especially helpful. It is now easier than ever to find reviews of products and services before paying for them, including reviews of a termite exterminator in your city. A quick search will help you find the right pest control company for you, especially if you are looking for an exterminator that uses natural methods. 

Orange oil is a termite treatment that contains D-limonene, which kills termites. BoraCare is a borate salt solution that is considered the best preventative treatment in the pest control industry, penetrating wood and stopping termites from consuming it. These natural termite treatments are considered environmentally safe and friendly, and are strongly preferred over traditional treatments by those who practice green cleaning.

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