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A Perfect Time For Remodeling

2020 was quite the red-letter year – we had some of the most momentous and transformative events take place and began feeling acutely aware of our place in history. Simultaneously, many of us felt that it was apparently the perfect time to get some housework done, with a record breaking $420 billion spent on home […]

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How Has 2020 Impacted the Lawn Care Industry?

Among several other challenges that people are facing due to the worldwide health crisis, lawn care has been a matter of concern for many. Reports reveal that the landscaping industry has experienced critical issues during extended lockdown measures.  A survey regarding the impact of the pandemic was recently conducted on hundreds of landscaping companies across […]

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Setting Up For Spring

Hello everyone and happy Spring Equinox! It is my absolute favorite time of year here in southern California, that period of late winter and early spring between the cessation of the rain storms and the encroaching near-permanent gloom that accompanies May and June. Early spring means the rolling coastal hills are filled with greenery and […]

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