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Keeping Your Office Interiors Safe And Tidy With Commercial Pest Control

When most people are forced to think about termites and pest control, they usually imagine a residential building that has either gone to ruin thanks to the infestation or is in the process of being tented. Whenever you see a tent going up or hear a horror story about a major infestation, it’s almost always about a home or similar residence, never an office building.

This is enough to give business and property owners a sense of false confidence. There must be some reason why they never see other businesses or competitors closing up shop to take care of a nascent termite infestation, after all. The truth is quite a bit more complicated than that.

The real secret to keeping commercial real estate tent-free is a combination of preventative pest control and no-tent treatments when infestations do occur. Property owners are heavily recommended to undergo inspections and get their properties treatments that help drive away potential pest infestations, which include termites, cockroaches, and rats.

It’s impossible to prevent 100% of infestations, however, which means businesses may eventually need to undergo specialized treatments that will allow them to keep business flowing simultaneously. Often this involves a topical treatment using chemicals that workers bring back to the nest and, eventually, destroy the colony.

With more and more businesses and property managers growing concerned with the environmental impact of their day to day activities, many are hesitant to utilize industrial chemicals for pest control for fear of its effect on the local environment. The use of more natural and holistic remedies for destroying ongoing infestations and preventing future ones provides a less destructive and more sustainable method for them to continue doing business unmolested by pesky critters.

Around here in the southern California area, one of the only pest control companies offering natural pest control methods is Natural Science Exterminating, a Garden Grove company that has been providing guilt-free extermination services for the better part of forty years. The company discovered that using naturally derived chemicals that plants use to defend themselves from the predation of the same pests that plague us could work to accomplish the same goal.

The company uses a combination of borates and orange oil to both prevent and destroy termite nests in residential and commercial properties. While it may sound strange, the oils contained within the rind of the orange fruit we enjoy every day are considerably toxic to many insects, including the species of termites most commonly found in the walls of buildings across the United States. These chemicals are what give the rind its distinctive odor and its unpleasant taste.

While dealing with pests is not the most glamorous or enjoyable parts of owning property, the fact is that the natural world is always trying to work its way back into our carefully constructed environments, with pests representing the vanguard of the attack. Fight fire with fire by utilizing nature’s own tools against the pests that threaten your business by calling Natural Science Exterminating today and getting your property inspected and treated.

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