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My wife and I are on the hunt for a new house and have been excitedly checking sites like Zillow and Realtor to see when the new listings opened up for walk-in showings. After making our selections this past weekend, we loaded up and drove off for a full day of hunting.

We started off with a list of about 12 houses, and only ended up actually venturing inside five of them. As we arrived at each address, my wife would take a brief look, say ‘nope, not this one, let’s keep going’, and we’d drive right on by. By the third rejected house, I started noting any patterns in my head and one kept on popping up: curb appeal!

Don’t get me wrong – all of these homes had nice interiors, or we wouldn’t have bothered checking them out in the first place. What they really lacked was a nice exterior, some to the point where they looked positively derelict. Even if those interiors were nice, that initial ‘feeling’ that you got from looking at the property immediately colored your opinion of the rest of the house, even if it was unfair.

The biggest signifier of an upcoming rejection was a poorly maintained lawn – clumpy, unhealthy looking grass, overgrown lawns filled with weeds, or just big patches of empty dirt all lead to a quick ‘no’ in my wife’s book. I asked her why it mattered to her so much, and she simply stated that if they couldn’t take care of their yard, how well could they have taken care of the rest of the house? It was a difficult point to argue.

To be fair, I put my foot down for one of the homes and demanded we at least give it a cursory look around and it was just as gorgeous inside as it looked in the photos. We asked the owner why they had let their yard go to such a shambles and they simply stated that it was impossible to keep any grass alive despite trying everything for years.

This is the case for a lot of homeowners I know – people who go to great lengths to take care of their property but have either given up on their lawns or are close to it. It’s a thankless job, keeping grass alive when it has no desire to be so, and many have turned to alternatives.

One such alternative is synthetic grass, which despite its poor reputation has made great strides in its presentation and texture. It might not be what you’ve dreamed of, but it makes a heck of a lot better impression than a patchy natural lawn when you want the buyers to come rolling in.

That’s only true if the installation is done well, however – a poorly fitted turf lawn is going to look almost as shabby as an overgrown one. That’s why you need to turn to the professionals like NoMow Turf, the premier Lake Forest turf supplier that’s provided a welcome makeover to decrepit lawns all over the county.

If you’re like many other homeowners and simply can’t keep up the work needed to maintain a healthy looking yard, give NoMow a call. Your property values and future buyers will thank you for it!


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