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The Adjustable Desk As Cornerstone For The Modernist Office Design Aesthetic

Despite the modern design aesthetic getting on in years, many businesses continue to find that its simplistic versatility makes it an ideal design scheme. The blend of minimalism meeting functionality provides a stark and clean look, and every piece of furniture can act as both a tool and a statement.

Dive into any contemporary workspace in the top echelons of websites and blogs dedicated to contemporary and modern office design, and you’ll likely find a common fixture: the standing desk. But why has this piece taken such a prime position in today’s cutting-edge interiors?

For those in the know, the standing desk is not just a platform for your computer—it also encapsulates modern design principles. The clean, futuristic design showcases both a certain aesthetic grace and an express, straightforward level of utility.

Standing desks offer clean lines and a sense of open space. When paired with the right interior theme, whether it’s industrial-chic or Scandinavian minimalism, they can act as a keystone part of the office design that shouts ‘modernity.’ Their rising popularity has led to an array of design choices, from sleek glass tops to desks with rich wooden finishes.

The standing desk isn’t just about looking good, it’s about providing versatility, comfort, and healthier living for employees. The health pitfalls of prolonged sitting have long been making headlines, from backaches to the development of blood clots.

This is where the principles of the standing desk merge. It encourages movement, eases stress on the back, and promotes better posture. It’s a design choice that promotes the well-being of your employees and lets them know that you take them into consideration when designing and purchasing furniture for your office.

Allowing employees to stand is just one aspect of the standing desk’s utility, as variable and adjustable height settings allow a variety of chairs and accessories to be used to enhance comfort. For those who choose to sit or kneel, footrests and alternative means of sitting, like medicine balls and squatting chairs, can be the perfect complement. Not only does it let workers shift their stance, alleviating pressure points, but it can also serve as another stylish addition to the office’s interior design.

If you’re in the market for new standing desks and seating solutions for your employees, one of the most comprehensive selections of modern office furniture here in L.A. is offered by SoCal local company Creative Office Design. Creative interviews each prospective client about the size, layout, and aesthetic preferences for their space and helps them choose a variety of new and used furniture to best match their needs.

As time wears on, novel items like adjustable height desks will no longer be a feature, but an expectation from employees. It’s best to get on this wave earlier rather than later, and the best selection in town is available only at Creative. Call today:

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