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Modern Cubicles Supercharge Monotasking

For those who are ready to return to the office, now is the perfect time to brush up on some good old productivity habits. 

There is no doubt that working from home is incredible. The flexibility, autonomy, and, most of all, privacy, is unparalleled by any other work setup. But you don’t have to give up these features in order to work at the office. In fact, the office offers a solution to one of the biggest downfalls of working from home—a lack of separation between work and life.

Perhaps remote work and social distancing have made us all a little more introverted. Introverts are misunderstood for being shy, reclusive, and even lonely, but there’s far more to the personality type than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, as introduced by Carl Jung, most of us are on a spectrum between introversion and extraversion, and not simply one or the other. Introversion isn’t solely a preference for solitude in and of itself. Rather, it’s the personality that is driven and focused based on one’s internal thoughts rather than external factors.

Depending on your personality, it may be easier or harder to focus when you’re alone. For some, it is easier to focus on solitude, as being alone means fewer distractions from other people, whether it be directly or indirectly. On the other hand, some may find it harder to be attentive on their own. Working alongside others in mere physical presence can have a profound psychological influence on one’s mindset at work. It’s why many freelancers, even with the freedom to work within the comforts of their own homes, will still opt for co-working spaces or coffee shops. Seeing other people in person who are also working hard at accomplishing their goals creates an environment where social pressure or camaraderie encourages you to also get to work and meet those deadlines!

Multitasking is a habit that is hard to break. In a world of instant communication powered by modern technology, it takes a surprising amount of discipline to not want to do the things that seem like work, like checking emails or work chats. The urge to multitask can be amplified at home, where working at the kitchen table makes it hard not to notice the dishes piled in the sink, and fulfilling the urge to do the dishes becomes the urge to clean the entire floor—all the while being in the middle of drafting that annual report.

Thankfully, the office is all about business. Cubicles provide structure and privacy so that you can monotask with your co-workers essentially right next to you. Creative Office Design offers a great selection of easy-to-assemble new or used cubicles.

Having an individually allocated space while still in the presence of your co-workers can supercharge productivity for those who struggle in complete isolation while also needing some degree of seclusion to concentrate. You can give Creative Office Design a call today to inquire about office furniture and design. 

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