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A Perfect Time For Remodeling

2020 was quite the red-letter year – we had some of the most momentous and transformative events take place and began feeling acutely aware of our place in history. Simultaneously, many of us felt that it was apparently the perfect time to get some housework done, with a record breaking $420 billion spent on home improvement projects!

This is especially shocking when you consider that the general U.S. economy shrank by more than 3.5% throughout the year. Despite that, spending on home improvements and repairs grew more than 3%, according to a recent article by CBS.

The catch is that the majority of the home improvement was do-it-yourself, as many contractors spent the year in relative hibernation due to lockdowns and general social distancing rules and fears of viral spread. So, while we did a heck of a lot of small DIY home improvement in 2020, the larger projects that require some professional help remain lying in wait…until now.

“The report predicts that due to changes in housing situations caused by the pandemic, “demand for remodeling projects could be even stronger than currently anticipated.”” For many of our readers, this includes you, and with the vaccine rollouts increasing by the day and lockdowns coming to an end, we’re chomping at the bit to get started on our next big remodeling project and are just looking for the right company to put our plans into action.

For those of us in Orange County and the surrounding areas looking for bathroom, general or kitchen remodeling contractors, we heartily recommend our friends over at Inspired Remodels, Inc. They’ve been in the game for nearly 20 years, and maintain an impressive 5-star rating on their Yelp page. Here’s a taste of some of the testimonials left by satisfied clients:

“You want to know how to pick a great General Contractor / Designer?  Ask the sub contractors who work for them!  Marinate on that….

I own an electrical contracting company and we do remodeling projects for many quality GC’s in Orange County.  So, we have a unique and deep perspective on the quality, character, beauty, and fairness of them all.  Inspired Remodels is as good as it gets.  Joe, Jason, Colin and the team are simply a cut above with their process and attention to detail.  They push us and I love it because we want to be the best.  Additionally, I’m a veteran and appreciate process, detail, and high expectations – and a commitment to the mission.  These guys are tops.  You will be impressed and proud to share your experience with your friends.  Don’t do a remodel without getting them on your wish list.” (Johnny B., Yelp Review)

“After spending time looking for a contractor to renovate our master bathroom, laundry and power bath, we settled on Inspired Remodels and I’m so glad we did! From start to finish every single person that worked in our home was professional, considerate and communicated with us throughout the process. I am rather “particular” about things being just right and they went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction. Joe and Collin were very patient with me during the selection process and Jason was responsive and made me feel at ease with any questions I had along the way. The tradesmen were all outstanding but I need to give a special shoutout to Haime and Rudy, Mark and Ulysses, for their attention to detail and the long hours they put into making our home beautiful.  Thank you, thank you! I highly recommend using IR if you have high expectations – they will be met!” (Lisa G., Yelp Review)

If you’re looking to make 2021 the year you put your plans for your home remodeling projects into action, get in contact with Inspired Remodels today. They do some amazing work on a timetable and budget that will surprise you:

Inspired Remodels, Inc.


21098 Bake Pkwy Suite 102, Lake Forest, CA 92630

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